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Where Is This MC??

October 8, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is Kwame, he had about 3 smashes in the early, early 90’s. His ,Livesteez, was suspect then, and now, but has a sort of snobby flav too it. The crop is pure comedy, remember those flat tops?

More pics of the Flat Top at it’s prime…


Ice Cream Man Sued.

October 6, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

“The Man” is always coming after a niccas paper. According to Livsteez,  Percy is a victim of a  cheap ass suit, from cheap ass PePe Jeans:

The hip-hop star, who launched his P. Miller clothing line with U.S. discount retailer Wal-Mart, is accused of stealing the logo idea from U.K.-based label Pepe Jeans London LLC. The Pepe Jeans branded denims feature the letter “P” encircled with wings – a design logo similar to that used in Miller’s clothing range. “I went to the website of and couldn’t find a circled-P anywhere, on their clothing, or the brand advertising within the site,” Miller explained to “I’m the future of affordable fashion and big brands will always hate me, but they shouldn’t throw stones if they live in a glass house!” (more…)

Lil John: “Yeah, I Did Brit!”

October 3, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil John, the legendary music mogul, felt obligated to offer his insight on Spearing Brit…we mean Britney Spears:

Lil Jon produced several tracks on Spears’ upcoming LP Circus, and the hip-hop star is convinced the singer is back to her best and her comeback is going to be an international hit. “It’s going to be a big album. Britney is very intelligent and she’s really set up (for success). She is focused and she wants it again, so it’s definitely going to happen for her. Her stuff is all about making people party.”  He adds, “A lot of people count her out, but she’s been able to bounce back from adversity. She’s back looking, if not as good as before, even better.” Wenn

We bet John got that check in advance from them White Folks. The Spears camp must not have checked hip hop lately, crunk is dead, John is clucking off his ice as we type.

Wenn Newsdesk

When The Checks Stop Coming In

October 1, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

Hard times are here, and grabbing the gun out of of the holster of a Brinks guard proves it:

A brazen thief sneaked up behind an armored-car guard at a Manhattan bank yesterday morning and snatched her gun and a bag containing $330,000 in cash, police said.  The unidentified man – who was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants – was standing in the vestibule of the M&T Bank at 397 First Ave. in Kips Bay at around 9:30 a.m., pretending to use the ATM. When 22-year-old Janell Nelson – who works for Dunbar Armored Car Co. – walked out with a sack of cash, the man grabbed her from behind, pulled her loaded .357 Smith & Wesson handgun out of its holster, and barked, “Gimme your s- – -!” a source said. Nelson’s partner was sitting in the armored car outside at the time. He saw what was happening, but is under orders not to leave the vehicle, sources said. After a brief struggle, the man snatched a nylon bag containing $3,300 hundreds out of Nelson’s hand. He then tossed the gun into the bag and fled south on First Avenue.

We will start to see more brazen type of thievery since the economy is going down the drain. This guy did a Dead Presidents to stay out of the welfare line…


When The Checks Stop Coming in

September 30, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

Do you think when a rapper raps about some brand of clothes it makes people want to buy them??? Well it does…

After the release of Busta Rhymes and Puff Daddy’s Pass the Courvoisier Part Two, a rap music featuring conspicuous product placement of Courvoisier cognac, sales of that beverage jumped 20 percent. That phenomenon got a team of researchers and senior author Christian Schemer thinking about how consumers process brand information presented to them in spot advertising versus how consumers process brand-related information when it is presented in the course of programming (such as music videos). In their article, they describe a series of experiments designed to explore psychological aspects of consumers’ response to brand placement in rap videos. (more…)

When the Checks Stop Coming in

September 10, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff


Al “Homo” Reynolds aint happy about his “cut” for playing hubby to Star…

STAR Jones is finally free of her freeloading hubby. Jones and Al Reynolds reached a last-minute settlement yesterday, moments before they were set to appear in court. Reynolds was said to be upset with the airtight prenup he signed, which left him with “basically nothing,” sources said – but finally relented to avoid court costs. A rep for Jones said the two “have reached an amicable settlement in their divorce proceeding . . . Both parties are moving on with their private lives.” Jones has been happily dating hunky chef Herb Wilson.

He wants more loot. Star is lucky she escaped from that fairy with her “life”. Besides Star has moved on from K-Frauds, and was probably tired of the bad press this guy brings on. Homo Reynolds is already on youtube woofin……..”Homo Al Woofin