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Where Is This MC??

October 8, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is Kwame, he had about 3 smashes in the early, early 90’s. His ,Livesteez, was suspect then, and now, but has a sort of snobby flav too it. The crop is pure comedy, remember those flat tops?

More pics of the Flat Top at it’s prime…


Quincy Jones: He Wont Collab With Hip Hop!

October 7, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

Quincy is trying to open the famous trumpeter Wynton Marsalis’s eyes to hip-hop, but ole boy doesn’t want to be associated with it:

Quincy Jones has been trying to get trumpeter Wynton Marsalis to incorporate the study of hip hop into Jazz at Lincoln Center, the program for which Marsalis is artistic director. But, it hasn’t been an easy sell. “Wynton doesn’t want to hear any other kind of music,” Jones told the New York Daily News’ Rush & Malloy. “He won’t let students play other kinds of music.” Jones went on to say that “no trumpeter in America wants to play like Wynton in his style. Every great trumpeter – Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge, Miles – borrows from someone before him and adds his own thing. But nobody wants to play like Wynton. …Wynton knows how I feel.” Apparently not. “We’ve never had that discussion,” Marsalis told the columnists. He admitted, “Hip hop is a form of music for which I don’t have much respect. But I always recommend that my trumpet students play all kinds of music — funk, classical, all kinds of jazz. That’s what my father taught me. He used to say, ‘Earn your prejudices. Don’t be prejudiced against something you don’t know about.’ “Before [Run DMC member] Jam Master Jay got killed, he and I were talking about having a deejay academy in my House of Swing. But it’s incumbent on the hip-hop community to develop their own musical initiative. There’s no need for a jazz person to be called upon to do it.”

This is sort of like trying to distance yourself from a old cousin who just got out from doing 8 yrs. Quincy is telling him the truth, and it is sad that Wynton doesn’t respect our music. What do you think Bossip? Is he to good for Hip-Hop, or is his distance jest?


Blast From the Past

October 6, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

We thought Black History month needed to be revisited, especially seeing that Prince has turned over a new leaf recently. We also would like to give this man props for having the confidence and pure bravado, to take that photo, and others like it. Sure his perm, and taco meat looked comedy. We can clown him and RiRi all we want while he is alive, but he was edgy and ground breaking, like most of our people are.

More of his greatest below.

Buckshot Shorty is Aight…

October 3, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

Remember we told you the other day about our boy Buckshot having seizures:

After spending eight days hospitalized in intensive care, veteran New York rapper Buckshot has been officially released. According to a press release from his camp, Buckshot is currently resting at his home in Brooklyn. He says his recovery was speeded up by the kind words of his supporters, and sent out a big thank you to all of them. “I want to thank all the fans who called and wrote emails extending their well wishes and prayers. All the support helped me recover that much quicker,” he said in a statement.

That is good news and we wish him well on his endeavors with KRS one. Damn, yall gotta stay hydrated or you too will be doing the Funky Chicken in the back of a E.M.T..


Do You Member?

September 10, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff



This guy is old school. Benson helped change the thinking in the 70’s and helped bring black people to a more professional light. If you newbooties are unfamiliar with the man, here is a little something to help bring you ignorant mother-f#ckers up to speed.

In this spinoff of “Soap”, Benson DuBois is sent out East to serve as butler to widowed state governor Gene Gatling, an honest but bumbling servant of the people. Although he has his rivals in German maid Kraus and pernickety aides Clayton and Taylor, Benson, armed with an acerbic wit and plenty of smarts, becomes the Governor’s close friend and helper, and eventually is elected Lieutenant Governor!


He had a lot of signicance and influence on the way of thinking in young black men across america.  His show aired in the late 70’s. He was very instrumental in educating others about black men being able to achieve anything.The 80 yr old legend was spotted recently at a movie screening in LA.


Pure Class

September 10, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff


Stevie Wonder and his Seed were on stage together for a sold out audience at the Manchester Arena on Tuesday the 9Th. He is a legend. For him to bring his beautiful daughter on stage is just more recognition for a man who already deserves the utmost praise.