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Beenie Man Cleared of Evading Taxes

October 4, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff`

Zim Zimma, they wanted to repossess Beenie Mans bimma:

Grammy-winning dancehall star Beenie Man has been cleared of tax-evasion charges in Jamaica after a judge ruled that the government never informed him of his legal rights. The artist owed nearly $1 million in overdue taxes, according to Jamaican authorities. But Judge Owen Parkin dismissed the case Tuesday, ruling evidence showed the entertainer was not informed of his rights when auditors issued their assessment last year. Beenie Man, whole real name is Anthony Moses Davis, won a Grammy in 2001 for his album “Art and Life.”

Nice, next time we get detained by one time we saying the same thing…”No one told me that ish”. Go head Beenie. They don’t give love like that in the U.S., they gank, and we mean straight up cowboy style.



Andre 3000 Clothing Line:Benjamin Bixby

September 30, 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff

 Three Stacks clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, is due soon…

For those who fancy some haberdashery from Andre 3000’s new fashion line, you’ll have to either wait for some pieces to trickle down to eBay, or make reservations to fly across the pond.  The Guardian is reporting that the Outkast rapper, born Andre Benjamin, is selling his new Benjamin Bixby line of classic menswear exclusively at Harrods in London. As previously reported, the line features 1930s baseball-inspired clothing, including tweeds, plus fours, pleat-fronted trousers, cardigans with bold lettering, flat caps and braces. The rap star says he sketched the entire line himself and has visited Italian clothing factories and textile fairs in Paris for inspiration. He also loves shopping at Hackett on London’s Sloane Street, as well as Portobello market for vintage corduroys and brogues

The article explains how Andre knows how much in shambles our economy is in, so he went to Europe where the money is still good. The clothes remind us of Ralph Lauren. Some of it really looks clean, and some of the garments look like someone named “Amos” should be wearing them.

We we have some promotional garments below…