The Juice Is Guilty!!!

Posted by Bossip Staff

Well, they found the Juice guilty yesterday. He is going to do some real time on this one:

13 years to the day after he was acquitted of the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery by a jury in Las Vegas, Nevada Friday night. The verdict was read just before 11 p.m. after prosecutors, defense attorneys, Simpson and codefendant Clarence Stewart gathered in the downtown courthouse. Simpson, 61, along with codefendant Clarence Stewart, 54, was convicted on all 12 counts just before 11pm. Simpson was handcuffed and led out of court. The panel of nine women and three men — none of them black — liberated more than 13 hours after listening to nearly three weeks of testimony. Their discussions had begun Friday morning. Prosecutors were successful in portraying Simpson as the mastermind of the alleged robbery of two sports collectibles dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room last year.

Orenthal is 61,  and now he has to do some time. We feel sorry for the kids, people knowing The Juice is your pops can not be good for popularity. OJ is a G though, he will meet more connects while locked up and come back a stronger gangsta then ever.



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